Ecommerce Shopping Cart:

Comprehensive ecommerce component designed for use with ASP.NET. Provides hundreds of methods, properties and controls to build flexible ecommerce solutions with simple deployment and implementation.

Live Customer Support & Chat:

Provides live help, customer support and sales chats for ASP.NET web sites. Includes an advanced AJAX chat client along with a complete operator console application. Supports simple FTP deployment and usage on shared hosting providers. No recurring fees!

Payment Processing:

Real-time credit card processing solution supporting Verisign, AuthorizeNet, iBill, LinkPoint, SkipJack and more! 25+ gateways. Integrate with any online store or even a simple payment form. All transaction types are supported plus logging & AVS.


Performs currency exchange to and from over 175 currencies and precious metals. It also performs real-time value lookups with local caching for near instant returns, and automatic rate updates at any interval. XML data storage and multi-level caching.

Rating & Tracking:

Provides real-time rates from any combination of FedEx, DHL and USPS at the same time. Also supports tracking, service sorting, algorithm based rate backup, dimensions, adjustments, rendering return as form elements, integrates with any site or store. New supports rating for Canada Post & Airborne, custom shipping and more!

Location Analysis:

Provides location, language and culture analysis in real-time for your ASP.NET web site. Locate visitors and convert their IP and browser details to country code, country name, language code, language name, culture code, currency and more!

Password Protection & Membership:

Provides password protection and user management for IIS web sites. As of IIS7 and greater, .netPROTECT protects all file content without file specific edits and provides a comprehensive web interface, management and quota features. Seamless payment and membership activation provides a complete end to end solution.

Dynamic Button Generator:

Provides real-time dynamic button generation with stunning visual results. Unique visual styles allow for on the fly customization and integration with simple control based usage within and automatic state creation.